Harwell’s Quantum Cluster is blazing a trail in the UK’s quantum sector, unlocking its enormous potential – from drug discovery to finding the most efficient way for people to live sustainably.

A world-leading quantum research facility

The Harwell Quantum Cluster brings together experts from across business, academia and the government to address the challenge of making quantum technology scalable. With strong links to Oxford University and a world-class local supply chain – including Oxford Instruments and ICEoxford – it’s a truly unique hub for investors in the transformative power of quantum technology.

At the heart of the Cluster is the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) , currently operational and set to fully open in 2023. Backed by a £93 million investment from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), our flagship institution is set to help the UK remain a world leader in this crucial field. Offering state-of-the-art meeting, office and laboratory space, it’s the ideal place for multi-disciplinary teams to make progress, whatever their area of quantum research.

Our community and facilities

We’re rapidly expanding the campus quantum community around NQCC, extending our expertise to communications, sensing and imaging. Other key players on campus include RAL Space, with its ultra-low temperature Quantum Space Lab, STFC Cryogenics, Element Six (the first to launch Quantum-Grade Diamond material), RedWave Labs and Nova Scientia. With the arrival of the Extreme Photonics Application Centre (EPAC) in 2026, alongside the ISIS Neutron Source, the Harwell Quantum Cluster will have an unrivalled concentration of facilities and expertise.

The Harwell difference

Quantum applications have profound potential across a whole range of sectors. Harwell’s multidisciplinary ethos supports and accelerates the potential for collaboration and impact. Organisations, start-ups and multinational companies come here for the opportunity to work with other organisations across our Space, Energy and Health Tech clusters. This allows for powerful partnerships, both on campus and with our wider network.

Recent collaborations include STFC Cryogenics and Glasgow University: repurposing a cryogenic cooler designed for space for a new quantum imaging application. Similarly, Harwell’s quantum processors will be able to model and simulate complex molecules for breakthroughs in Health Tech, leading to the discovery of new medicines much sooner.

Forging connections, near and far

Launched in 2021, Harwell Q-Day celebrates all quantum-related activity on campus – and is a great way to meet others in the broader quantum community. Through Harwell Connect, our regular networking programme, organisations can forge cross-cluster connections, source investment and business support – as well as recruit from a web of extremely talented people in the wider quantum community.

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