Using our world-leading facilities, Harwell’s community of experts is pioneering advances in Energy, Space, Health and Quantum Computing.


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Technology and research are at the heart of everything Harwell does. A unique combination of world-leading research and technology facilities support teams and businesses to reach their full potential.

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Science and Innovation

Harwell has always blown the world of science wide open. For over three quarters of a century we’ve advanced human understanding of the forces that govern our universe. We have created a unique environment where perspectives, notions and methods can be exchanged across traditional divides.

The Clusters

Pioneers and experts work side by side at Harwell to deliver innovation across the worlds of science and technology. Start-ups, scale-ups and leading companies are part of a vibrant community of some of the planet’s most enlightened businesses and brightest minds.

Latest events

Harwell is a powerhouse of research and development in space, clean energy, quantum computing and life sciences.

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