RAL Space carries out space research and technology development and offers unique facilities to help advance understanding of space and our environment.

What is it?

RAL Space is the UK’s national space laboratory. Their activities and facilities enable scientific research in disciplines such as climate science, space weather and astronomy. With over 50 years of experience in space programmes, RAL Space has had significant involvement with more than 210 instruments on missions to date.

RAL Space works with UK and overseas space agencies, universities and industry on space and ground based space projects. The unique position between industry and academia enables the facility to strengthen the UK space community. It does this through:

• scientific research
• technology development
• providing cutting edge facilities
• strategic advice to external partners

RAL Space has over 50 years of experience and expertise in space programmes. Our experts work throughout the lifecycle of space missions:

• leading concept studies for future missions
• developing bespoke innovative scientific instrumentation
• providing space test and ground-based facilities
• operating ground-stations
• processing and analysing data.

We support UK academia through collaborations, services and technology development and partner the UK space industry through contract research and access to our world-leading facilities.

RAL Space operates and supports facilities at Harwell and around the UK including:

• Assembly Integration and Verification Facilities
• National Satellite Test Facility
• Laser Spectroscopy Facility
• Electronics and Optics Facilities
• Precision Development Facility
• Multi-Layer Insulation Facility
• Concurrent Design Facility
• The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis and JASMIN
• UK Solar System Data Centre
• The Chilbolton Observatory
• UK National Propulsion Test Facility

All images courtesy of STFC

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