With a 700-acre footprint, Harwell’s Health Tech Cluster is part of the country’s largest science campus and a prestigious Life Science Opportunity Zone.

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A pro-active approach to healthcare

It’s our combination of unique scientific facilities, business know-how and ground-breaking scientific research that really sets us apart. From medtech and biopharma, to medical imaging and cell and gene therapy, we’re answering the fundamental questions impacting human health today.

Working at Harwell means on-the-doorstep access to an unrivalled number of world-leading facilities. These include the Rosalind Franklin Institute and the Diamond Light Source national synchrotron. Having these incredible resources in one place makes Harwell a truly inspiring place to work – but one with practical and commercial benefits too.

We can stay ahead of the industry curve, forecasting the issues that are likely to influence the UK and global healthcare sector. We can pioneer new technologies in response to those challenges. And both our researchers and businesses can advance products to the clinical or commercial stage much more quickly – meaning they have real-world impact much sooner.

Moderna at Harwell Campus

Moderna selects Harwell as UK home

Moderna has selected Harwell, as the location for its Moderna Innovation and Technology Centre (MITC).

We don’t just work to bring new organisations into Harwell’s clusters. We proactively help them make the connection to succeed once they’re here.

Over 200+ organisations on site

The cross-fertilisation of ideas

Multidisciplinary research and development with the Energy and Space Clusters at Harwell is another key strength. By sharing ideas and approaching questions from diverse angles, companies can discover new solutions they may not have arrived at on their own – validating and developing pioneering medicines as a result. Take our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, for example. Scientists at the Rosalind Franklin Institute discovered that a unique antibody produced by llamas could help fight off the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19

And then there’s Adaptix, the company that developed a pioneering portable 3D medical X-ray machine based on technology used to study stars in distant galaxies. This allows doctors to get a more comprehensive view of areas where they suspect tumours are growing, leading to earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment.

One location, global presence, endless opportunities

Whether they’re a start-up, an established partner or an SME looking to scale up, every organisation here has what they need. Alongside facetime opportunities with world experts and access to national facilities, this includes the right business support, incubation, acceleration, serviced laboratories and accommodation. Crucial access to funding, strategic partners, and regular networking events is all channelled through our dedicated cluster manager, Dr Adrian Hill.

Working at Harwell also puts you at the centre of a national life sciences network and the UK’s ‘golden triangle’, which includes the science parks in London, Oxford and Stevenage. With growing scope to collaborate at local, national and international level – alongside our £3bn investment on site – Harwell is set to become the national life science hub and a leader for healthcare around the world.

Adrian Hill

Harwell Health Tech Cluster Development Manager

Science and Innovation

Engineering Synthetic Diamonds with ElementSix

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