Personalised medicine and the vaccine revolution

Moderna UK’s general manager, Darius Hughes speaks to the Guardian about the future of mRNA technology and Moderna’s plans to be at the forefront of persoanlised medicine.

Harwell will be Moderna’s biggest base outside the US: the lab is already in place and will open later this year. About 150 people will work at the site, including 50 scientists. The factory is expected to produce up to 100m vaccine doses a year from 2025, which could be ramped up to 250m doses by running three shifts a day, seven days a week, if there were another pandemic – “plenty for the UK and beyond”, Hughes says.

As part of its 10-year partnership with the government, Moderna is building up a UK supply chain, including vials and needles, to ensure Britain is prepared for the next pandemic. The company has launched 17 clinical trials in the UK since 2021, including Covid, flu and RSV studies, and more trials for rare diseases and combination vaccines are planned to take place in Britain. You can read the full article in the Guardian here.