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Open Cosmos – Space Mission Tools For ESA BIC UK incubatees – 25th April

April 25, 2019

3:00 pm

- 4:00 pm

Innovation Lounge

R27 Atlas Building

Atlas Centre, R27, Harwell Campus

OX11 0QX

This workshop/demo focuses on OpenCosmos’ specially developed cloud software (beeApp), together with the modular hardware and standardized interfaces (beeKit) which allows them to optimize every mission’s performance. This workshop/demo will take place straight after SpaceCakes.

Why should you attend?

Space missions used to be complex, expensive and took a long time between concept and launch. In the era of commercial space this has changed dramatically. Modern small satellite missions use off-the-shelf components, can be quickly designed and are much cheaper than one or two decades ago.
In order to be up-to-date and benefit from New Space, it is important to understand the environment and the key concepts that will give new players access to space.

Who should attend?

This workshop/demo is specifically designed for ESA BIC incubatees as OpenCosmos’ tools are available for free as part of the ESA BIC UK incubation programme. Anyone with an interest in how modern small satellite missions are designed is welcome to attend. This workshop is interesting for people from both inside and outside the space industry, with or without a technical background. Feel free to attend this event if you are:

  • ESA BIC incubatee
  • Working on satellite applications or using space data
  • Thinking of using satellite technology for their applications
  • Startup entrepreneurs thinking of using space data
  • Startup entrepreneurs thinking of designing space instruments
  • Interested in the basics of space mission design
Harwell Green Club: How Funders Evaluate Power and Generation/Storage Projects – 25 Apr

April 25, 2019

4:00 pm

Untitled - Harwell Green Club: How Funders Evaluate Power and Generation/Storage Projects -  25 Apr

RAL Visitor Centre, Harwell Campus.


Contact John Vandore: UKRI STFC, to book your place: john.vandore@stfc.ac.uk

This month’s talk provides an opportunity to “look down the telescope from the other end” for people more familiar with putting proposals forward …

There is an energy gap appearing as we move away from coal and fossil fuels generally towards renewable energy. There is also a move away from centralised, large generation to a more distributed approach and a greater link to demand side management. The intermittent nature of renewable generation means that more peak generation and energy storage is needed. What does the income stream for this new capacity look like and how is it going to attract the capital required?

Alan, Chemical Engineer, and Chartered Accountant, brings us this different perspective, from his background in funding and acquiring power generation assets.

26 April Talking Science Lecture

April 26, 2019

Pickavance Theatre, Harwell Campus at 1330 and again at 1900

Radiation Protection – how to survive a journey to Mars by Dr Elizabeth Cunningham.
As our society becomes more dependent on satellites and GPS, space
weather and the radiation environment around the Earth become more
important to our everyday lives. For human exploration of the Solar
System it is crucial that we develop ways to protect our astronauts
from extreme space weather. We will look at how space weather has
influenced the history of human space exploration and how we may
have to delve into the realm of science fiction to protect the next
generation of astronauts on their journey to Mars.

Engineering Education Scheme 30 April

April 30, 2019

Engineering Education Scheme, Celebration and Assessment Day.  Groups of 4-6 A Level students have spent the last six months working with organisations on real engineering problems.  On the CAD 6-10 groups will come to RAL to present their work and take part in the celebration.

Exploring Engineering 14 May

May 14, 2019

Exploring Engineering Day for Key Stage 3, led by ISIS, with tours, talks and activities.

STEMIT Future Engineers 15 May

May 15, 2019

Day run by RAL Space to encourage young students to consider a career in the space sector. More details from Visit RAL Email



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