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Our Vision

The UK home for innovation.
A thriving campus that fires and inspires technological and scientific excellence

Harwell is home to organisations, institutions and businesses shaping the world of today and tomorrow.

A campus where world-class people work in world-class facilities to solve global challenges. A place where people prepare for life in space; where electrons generate beams ten billion times brighter than the Sun, and academia and industry collide to bring innovation to market. A powerhouse with proven credentials for scientific breakthroughs and technological innovation. An engine for national economic growth.

Well-established as one of the leading science and innovation campuses in Europe, Harwell is steeped in world firsts: from the discovery of the world’s largest prime number, to the building of Europe’s first energy producing fission reactor and the launch of the transistorised computer.

Our vision is to grow Harwell into the most important campus of its kind globally. We will do this by developing even stronger links with leading universities and the broader R&D community both in the UK and internationally. We believe that Harwell’s success depends on the people it attracts and the positive cross-sector collaboration it supports, so we will carry on building an ecosystem where organisations of all sizes can work together.

Sitting on 700 acres, south of the historic city of Oxford, Harwell welcomes new facilities, businesses and people each year. We continue to expand on-site facilities aimed at those who work and visit here, such as places to eat, drink, live and catch up with colleagues and friends.

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Harwell Tomorrow

An innovation and science campus that continues to evolve to meet the demands and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

The Harwell Science & Innovation Campus has embarked upon an ambitious expansion plan with millions of square feet of new working & research space. Importantly this will be supported by hundreds of new homes targeted at people working on site together with improved on site amenities.

Within this overall Masterplan, planning permission has been sought for a new 500,000 sq ft expansion of the Life Science / HealthTec cluster sited close to the major facilities at its core.

There are many options available for the entire spectrum of SMEs to major multi-nationals looking to relocate to Harwell. We have the flexibility to offer highly cost effective space within new buildings (+ Enterprise Zone benefits); or bespoke new buildings with planning in place; or for larger groups the ability to create your own “Campus on a Campus” with land reserved alongside for future expansion.

The ambition of the Harwell Campus expansion is matched only by that of the many brilliant researchers and scientists who call the Harwell Campus home.

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Major Future Building Projects

  • Expanding Life Science/HealthTec Cluster – 500,000 sq ft
  • Rosalind Franklin Institute
  • Planning Application for Residential
    Hundreds of new homes offering affordable housing to rent or buy at Harwell, enabling people to work and live here
  • University Quarter
    A planned further 200,000 sq ft
  • Enlarged Space Cluster
    Up to 200,000 sq ft

New Development & Refurbishment Underway

  • Labs, offices and technical space
  • Planning permission granted for 400,000 sq ft
  • Underway 215,000 sq ft
  • Genesis 160,000 sq ft
  • Quad One 34,000 sq ft
    Units from 2,000 sq ft to 11,000 sq ft
  • Runway 75,000 sq ft
    Units from 2,000 sq ft
  • Quad 2 40,000 sq ft
  • BEPO 50,000 sq ft
    Units from 5,000 sq ft
  • Zeus 60,000 sq ft
    Units from 3,000 sq ft
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New Amenities

  • A new gym
  • A new café
  • Additional shops

Bespoke Design & Build

  • From 20,000 sq ft


A science and technology campus that grows with the organisations that call it home. Specialist laboratories, bespoke office space and leisure facilities combine to create a truly unique place to work and live.

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