NeoVac joins Research Complex

Research Complex at Harwell is delighted to welcome NeoVac Ltd. who have started their experimental work on the next generation of mRNA vaccines here at our life sciences laboratories.

NeoVac is a spin off from Tel Aviv University and Professor Dan Peer’s Lab with a unique IP for Lipid Nanoparticles. Their objective is to develop a library of lipids for different mRNA vaccines and treatments. NeoVac’s experimental procedures at the Research Complex will focus on synthesising new lipids, screen and characterize, preparing formulations based on these lipids and testing In Vitro.

Head of Scientific Support, Dr. Zuzanna Lalanne says: “We are very happy that we are in position to offer access to a wide range of scientific instruments, including support from the specialists here at Research Complex, which could be of great benefit for the industrial companies such as NeoVac and significantly accelerate their discoveries.”

NeoVac’s CEO, Dr. Eran Eilat says: “We are proud to work alongside the teams in the Research Complex at Harwell and are confident that we can contribute to the unique campus ecosystem with our team and ambitious mission – to create revolutionary lipid nanoparticles that will enable better RNA vaccines, allowing more people around the world access to more potent vaccines, which are more transportable, with broader capabilities and less side effects”.