Two tech companies take space at Harwell campus

Rezatec, a company specialising in geospatial data analytics, is planning to re-locate its business across Harwell Campus and into the new Quad One Building which completes this year.

Using proprietary algorithms and modelling techniques, Rezatec helps businesses to make critical decisions about their land-based assets through the analysis of complex Earth Observation (EO) imagery and data. They deliver Landscape Intelligence tools that substantially reduce the cost of monitoring and predicting land use and environmental risk, helping to drive profits for users. Clients span the utilities, agribusiness, energy, urban and forestry sectors to whom they supply regularly updated data and analysis that traditional landscape data-based reports are unable to compete with in terms of pinpoint accuracy.

Charlotte Dewey, Finance Director, Rezatec said ‘We are taking Suites 2, 3 and 5 in the new Quad One building (4,500 sq ft) over a 10-year lease term. Having been a part of the Harwell space cluster for over 5 years now, we are naturally keen to strengthen our presence on campus to capitalize on the commercial advantage of being amongst 80 + other space related organisations.’

William Cooper, Partner at Harwell Campus said ‘Rezatec is an important asset to us within the space cluster at Harwell. The success of this important cluster has led to the ‘Harwell Effect’ which we are using as a model to create new clusters in the HealthTec and EnergyTec sectors. An inter-disciplinary environment of this nature is a creative hotbed for innovation and new technology, boosted by the Government’s industrial strategy of investment in space and in particular, a new satellite test facility at Harwell that will further extend our world class facilities.’

ResMed, a company that changes lives with award winning medical devices for the treatment of respiratory conditions is also moving to the Quad One building and will be expanding into the new Zephyr building.  They are taking a 10,082sq ft. first floor footprint in Quad One and a 5,000 sq ft. unit 3 in Zephyr, over 15 and 9-year lease terms.