Oxford Space Systems - Delivery of helical antennas for Astro Digital

Oxford Space Systems delivers high power antennas for Astro Digital

Oxford Space Systems, a leading innovator in deployable antennas for space, proudly announces the development and delivery of several high-power deployable S-band isoflux helical antennas for Astro Digital, a global leader in satellite systems.

These advanced antennas will enhance Astro Digital’s satellite operations, delivering superior performance and reliability. Designed and engineered by Oxford Space Systems’ expert team, the antennas innovative design allows for efficient deployment once in orbit, ensuring minimal stowage volume on the spacecraft while providing exceptional radio frequency (RF) performance once deployed. Their isoflux pattern allows them to deliver wide and consistent coverage on the ground.

Sean Sutcliffe, CEO of Oxford Space Systems, remarked, “We are pleased to support Astro Digital with our cutting-edge antenna technology, working closely and collaboratively with their technical team. Our engineers have focused on developing a product that combines reliability with high RF performance by leveraging the significant investment we have made over the years in deployable helical antenna technology, and we are confident it will significantly contribute to Astro Digital’s missions.”

Chris Biddy, CEO of Astro Digital, added, “We are excited to partner with Oxford Space Systems for our antenna needs. Their high-power deployable antennas offer the RF performance and reliability required to support our customer’s mission.”

Oxford Space Systems sits as part of the Space Cluster at Harwell Campus. The cluster has grown to more than a hundred organisations over the past 15 years, one of the largest in Europe. A mix of academic, public and private organisations, the cluster drives innovation and commercialisation by bringing together different skills and capabilities. The multidisciplinary nature of the campus which also has a health tech, energy and quantum cluster means that developments in space technology can lead to advancements in other sectors.

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