July 2021: Introduction to the hives

Harwell Campus currently has three hives, two of which are very new! 

We ran a competition to name our three Queens, and I am pleased to announce they are now named Beeyonce, Rosalind Bee & Marie Curie Bee, after three incredibly inspirational women. 

Our campus Beekeeper, James, has been sending me frequent updates on what the bees are up to, so I thought it would be time to share it with you all. 

A National Beekeeping Inspector has been down to inspect the hives, and was delighted with the efforys surrounding the honeybee colonies and confirmed that the colonies are in tip-top health (albeit a little grumpy)! 

After Queen Elizabeth passed away, new Queen Beeyonce has successfully mated and is laying brillianlty. She is building the original colonies numbers back up once more. Honey is on it’s way, but has been slow this year but James will extract what he can without leaving the bees short. So keep an eye out for Harwell Honey! 

I have added in a few photos of the hives below: