Part of the UK’s amateur rocketry community, the Harwell Rocket Group provides a collaborative, friendly environment for recreational rocketry.

The Harwell Rocket Group was founded in 2020 and is open to all staff across Harwell Campus to engage in rocketry, as part of the UK’s amateur rocketry community. Our purpose is to bring together diverse skill sets and provide a collaborative, friendly environment that enables all levels of interest and experience, both recreationally and those looking for a new challenge. We will be having our first launch event in 2021 – to launch the group and launch a rocket!

Activities for members include:

Attending local rocket launches
Building and launching small model rockets or high power rockets
Working on advanced projects developing rocket technology, contributing to the momentum in UK launch industry
Earning certification for high power rocketry
Lectures and seminars
Leading outreach activities that raise public awareness of the growing capabilities in the UK, and inspire the next generation to pursue careers in STEM
Social events
We run regular meetings and we always welcome new members. No prior knowledge of rocket science or engineering is required, we’re here to help people gain new knowledge and experiences. There are also a number of volunteer positions available to help support the group’s development.