Harwell has always blown the world of science wide open. For over three quarters of a century we’ve advanced human understanding of the forces that govern our universe. It’s a proud tradition of innovation and leadership born from the tenacious pursuit of knowledge.

Researching energy solutions to power a net zero world, 1977 – 2022

With Bill David

Harwell Campus transformation through dynamic partnership, 2000 – 2022

With Duncan Rogers

Creating a science town, 1948 – 2022

With Teresa and Griff Freeman

New frontiers the establishment of the Space Cluster at Harwell, 1986 – 2022

With Chris Mutlow

Shining brightly Diamond Light Source – the UK’s national synchrotron founded in 2002

With Isabelle Boscaro-Clarke

The British genetics who gave her name to Lyonization – the key to hereditary traits and diseases

With Nanda Rodrigues

Recollections of Harwell’s nuclear energy heritage, 1961 – 1988

With Tony Hughes

Recollections of Harwell’s nuclear energy heritage, 1962 – 1997

With Derek Pooley

Computer Power at Harwell Paving the way to Quantum today, 1950 – 2022

With Victoria Marshall