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The Wandering Kitchen – 30th January

January 30, 2019

Ridgeway car park, Second Avenue, Harwell Campus, OX11 0QQ

This week’s Wandering Feast traders will be:

Feed Me Eat Me – Middle Eastern Wraps

Simply Food – Filipino Fusion

Deux Chevaux Espresso – Speciality

8 February Talking Science Lecture

February 8, 2019

Pickavance Theatre, Harwell Campus at 1330 and again at 1900

Let there be Light by John O’Hagan
People evolved under light from the sun. For about the last 100 years,
in the UK we have been able to flick a switch and have light when we
want it. This means our days have got longer and our nights shorter than
our ancestors experienced. We now spend a lot of time staring at screens
(which are light sources). How are all of these changes to our light
exposure affecting our health and well-being? Are there ways we can
improve our well-being by getting light at particular times of the day?
Are there times we should avoid getting light?

22 March Talking Science Lecture

March 22, 2019

Pickavance Theatre, Harwell Campus at 1330 and again at 1900

Kingdom of the cumulus clouds by Dr David Hooper
Cumulus clouds can be little and fluffy, vast and bulbous, or anything in
between. Irrespective of their size, they are all characterised by vertical
motions. This means that are in a constant state of change. Atmospheric
physicist, David Hooper, will bring these clouds to life with the aid of
time-lapse photography. Expect to see explosive growth, thunderbolts
and rainbows. You’ll never look at clouds in the same way again

26 April Talking Science Lecture

April 26, 2019

Pickavance Theatre, Harwell Campus at 1330 and again at 1900

Radiation Protection – how to survive a journey to Mars by Dr Elizabeth Cunningham.
As our society becomes more dependent on satellites and GPS, space
weather and the radiation environment around the Earth become more
important to our everyday lives. For human exploration of the Solar
System it is crucial that we develop ways to protect our astronauts
from extreme space weather. We will look at how space weather has
influenced the history of human space exploration and how we may
have to delve into the realm of science fiction to protect the next
generation of astronauts on their journey to Mars.

17 May Talking Science

May 17, 2019

Pickavance Theatre, Harwell Campus at 1330 and again at 1900

Lights, crystals, action! by Dr Claire Murray.
Scientists at Diamond and around the world study calcium carbonate
crystals, to understand how best to take advantage of its amazing
properties. It is commonly found in shells, paper manufacturing and
limestone. Come along to this talk to hear about how light, billions of
times brighter than the sun, can reveal the atoms which make up our
world, and how we have worked with more than 1000 students across
the UK to study calcium carbonate in more detail than ever before. Learn
about the power of student science, see hands on demos, and enjoy the
beauty of diffraction.

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