Happy bees are vital for a healthy environment. We have six buzzing hives on campus, ruled by our three queens: Beeyonce, Rosalind Bee and Marie Curie Bee. Find out more in our Bee Diary.

September 2021

Clearer board on Queen Beyoncé’s colony with a view to take supers off on Friday and spin honey over the weekend. The others have been given some food to aid them. They’re doing alright, but I want strong/prolific colonies going into spring so will be fondant feeding throughout the autumn and winter.

Sadly, that’s almost the season at a close now that the ivy is nearing its finish! The queens will slow down laying and some will cease completely until the spring . 

Feeding fondant through the  clearer boards over the winter won’t disturb the bees at all or cause them to lose valuable heat. It’ll be a quick swap of empty for full and they’ll take it if they need it

We’ve had circa. 15 jars from the most productive hive. Difficult year!

The other hives were new colonies so we wouldn’t pull anything from them in their first year. All focus has been on building those new colonies up and ensuring they are strong enough for winter – We’ve achieved that goal, thankfully.

The honey this season has come from Queen Beyoncé’s colony (savage white hive).

July 2021

We ran a competition to name our three Queens, and I am pleased to announce they are now named Beeyonce, Rosalind Bee & Marie Curie Bee, after three incredibly inspirational women. 

Our campus Beekeeper, James, has been sending me frequent updates on what the bees are up to, so I thought it would be time to share it with you all. 

A National Beekeeping Inspector has been down to inspect the hives, and was delighted with the efforys surrounding the honeybee colonies and confirmed that the colonies are in tip-top health (albeit a little grumpy)! 

After Queen Elizabeth passed away, new Queen Beeyonce has successfully mated and is laying brillianlty. She is building the original colonies numbers back up once more. Honey is on it’s way, but has been slow this year but James will extract what he can without leaving the bees short. So keep an eye out for Harwell Honey!