AEON is a multidisciplinary engineering design, analysis, and test house, specialising in working with academic and R&D organisations to deliver turnkey systems for the space, photonics, pharmaceutical, nuclear physics, and energy sectors.
AEON has a diverse portfolio of projects including the design, analysis, manufacture and testing of steel and aluminium UHV chambers, satellite dispenser analogues, large optical windows and UHV passthroughs, low reflectivity optical baffles, access platforms for satellite assembly and testing, and thermally matched quartz crystal microbalances (TQCM).
AEON also offers its customers a configurable assembly, integration and test workshop in as parts of its Centre for Engineering & Research (CERES). CERES boasts a complement of highly specialist facilities including cleanrooms, UHV test and bakeout chambers (up to 1m dia.), tensile and compression test machines, spectroscopy and optomechanical equipment, and a coordinate measuring machine (CMM).


Satellite Applications Catapult Research Complex at Harwell Electron Building, Fermi Ave Didcot, OX11 0QR

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