Mission Zero – Intelligent Batteries

Removing the weakest link with intelligent batteries

One day soon, we may be able to store all the energy we need, without contributing to climate change.

Currently modern batteries capture and release energy using lithium ions within a series of linked battery cells. But if one cell degrades or fails, so does the whole battery.

Supported by the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, researchers at Brill Power is designing an intelligent battery management system that can overcome this problem.

The system monitors the health and performance of each battery cell, exposing stronger cells to higher electrical currents and weaker cells to lower currents.

If one cell fails it is bypassed, maximising battery life, charge rates and safety.

The intelligent system designed by Brill Power can be fitted to old or new batteries, extending their lives by up to 60%, lessening waste and environmental impact.

Such steps will reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuels and emissions of greenhouse gases, driving us all towards the goal of Net Zero.