Harwell based MDA, plays pivotal role in lunar lander mission

Harwell based company MDA has played a pivotal role in Intuitive Machines  lunar lander mission, which was launched from Florida early on Thursday on a mission to conduct the first U.S. lunar touchdown in more than a half century and the first by a privately owned spacecraft.

MDA is a leading provider of advanced technology and services to the rapidly-expanding global space industry, and was selected by Intuitive Machines to provide Lunar landing sensors to support three upcoming. Funding for the project has been provided by the UK Space Agency.

The mission is part of Nasa’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative, which aims to involve commercial companies in the exploration of the Moon as the space agency focuses on getting astronauts back there through its Artemis programme.

You can read the full article in the Independent here

Image credit: Intuitive Machines