Harwell based Mirico highlighted as a top emerging climate tech company

In a recently released report by PwC, Mirico, which is based at Harwell, has been acknowledged as one of the top emerging climate tech companies in the UK. The Net Zero Future50 report showcases leading high growth UK technology businesses that are making a significant impact on climate change across the globe.

Mirico quantifies greenhouse gas emissions (such as methane and carbon dioxide) across entire industrial sites with just a single instrument, through continuous, wide-area monitoring. Operating reliably even in inclement weather, data is collected and analysed in real-time, delivering rapid insights to operators about emissions at their sites. Automatic alerts are raised upon detection of anomalous events, enabling faster response times, reducing maintenance costs and minimising emissions.

PwC’s report describes how they scanned the market to map the key innovators that look set to define the climate tech landscape for the next decade, then selected the top 50 based on net zero impact, maturity, and scalability. The report highlighted that their solutions can be used to help organisations to reach their net zero targets across a range of industries including oil and gas, industrial processing and agriculture.

“I am delighted for Mirico to be recognised by PwC in this report as one of the top UK climate tech businesses,” said Mark Volanthen, chairman of Mirico. “Our greenhouse gas monitoring solutions are already helping customers all over the world, and we look forward to supporting more organisations reach their net zero targets in the future.”

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