Resonate Hearing Centre offers comprehensive private audiology services for adults covering all aspects of hearing healthcare. Our services include ear wax removal using microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation, hearing tests, hearing consultation, prescription, and fitting of digital hearing aids. We also specialise in providing hearing protection for swimmers, motor bikers, for shooting activities and for those who work in excessive noise.
At Resonate Hearing Centre, you will be seen by our founder and director Dr Sheetal Athalye who brings a wealth of knowledge in the field of hearing healthcare. Her experience comes from working for over 17 years in NHS, academia and private sector. Her doctoral research was on understanding the factors affecting speech recognition in noise for adults across a range of hearing losses, such as in parties and during group conversations. During her time in the NHS, she reviewed a range of hearing aid technologies and the factors affecting their suitability across a range of hearing losses. Her clinical and research experience lends itself well to her being able to provide accurate diagnosis and providing a holistic care plan to cater for individual needs.

At Resonate Hearing Centre, we believe in patient-centred care, and are committed to building lasting relationships, and providing exceptional service. With advanced diagnostic tools and expertise, we develop tailored treatment plans. As an independent provider of hearing care, we are able to offer a selection of world leading hearing aid brands to choose from, and unbiased advice.