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Pioneers and experts work side-by-side at Harwell to deliver innovation across the worlds of science and technology. A vibrant ecosystem where scientists take small steps and giant leaps forward every day.

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Harwell is no stranger to groundbreaking discoveries. It was the location for the world’s first transistorised computer, it built Europe’s first nuclear reactor and was the location where Mary Lyon discovered X Chromosome inactivation.

By bringing an unrivalled combination of open access science labs and computing services together with brilliant people who are experts in their fields, Harwell makes it easier for organisations of any sector and industry to progress with innovation and excellence.

Harwell gets a first for its research and development thanks – in part – to the universities that call it home. More than 30 university teams are on-site at Harwell at any time.


Please see below a range of case studies from organisations across the campus:

Element Six


Nanowire Grid Quantification Project – borwell, Rosalind Franklin Institute & 3Dmagination

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Steve Cowley - Technology & Research
It’s a place where people push you. We all need that. You don’t make progress by thinking it all out yourself, you make progress by being challenged by other people. And you get it here.

Professor Steve Cowley FRS
President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford