HARWE 19 BusinessProfiles HIGHRES 6 300x200 - Emma Southwell-Sander

Emma Southwell-Sander

Emma oversees the development and management of the EnergyTec Cluster at Harwell. She has been instrumental in building on the strong foundations of the Cluster with innovative energy technology companies, UK public bodies, academia and industry to share knowledge, focus on funding streams, and concentrate on areas of growth. Key to the EnergyTec clusters success is taking its primary focus and ensuring that a cross collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach is actively supported.

Emma moved into the energy sector in 2002 as a Director of Ikon Science UK and then Managing Director in Houston. This was an international role with a focus on building a network of energy clients which included Shell, Exxon and BP. Emma ran business development programmes across Europe, Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia, North and South America. Emma then moved to RPS Energy  for 5 years working in energy and finance with banks and private equity firms in the UK. Emma started her career as a consultant in Enterprise Relationship Planning and Customer Relationship Management at Oracle and has a Bachelor’s degree in Computing Systems Analysis.