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Duncan Rogers

Duncan Rogers

Duncan is the campus Asset and Estate Management Director with responsibility for the operational management of the campus and strategic management of its assets. Duncan’s role includes management of the relationship with campus occupants from managing lease events through to helping organisations realise the benefits of being part of the Harwell community.

Duncan holds a Diploma in Building Surveying and has worked within the property industry for more than 30 years across multiple sectors. His career began in the insurance industry and the aftermath of the infamous October ’87 hurricane before moving into residential property management on behalf of private landlords and investment funds. He has amassed 18 years’ experience within the science / commercial markets focusing on lease negotiations and all areas of property, asset and estate management at Harwell and other campus environments in the UK.

Having joined the UK Atomic Energy Authority at Harwell in 2000 Duncan became involved in the long term plans for the campus eventually supporting the creation of the campus partnership and the transition of operational responsibility and ownership from the Atomic Energy Authority to the partnership including the transfer of his own role from within the Authority to the partnership upon its creation.

Harwell’s history and the achievements realised over many decades of world leading research and transformational feats of engineering continues to fascinate Duncan and he enjoys adding to his knowledge-bank of areas of expertise, the network of experts and the remarkable facilities available across the campus. Having encountered countless organisations involved in a kaleidoscope of endeavours Duncan enjoys the challenge of introducing them to individuals and organisations across the campus that can add value and help them succeed.

Duncan’s aim is to help reshape the campus into an environment that fosters success, continues to push boundaries and bring about change for the better, not only for organisations and individuals working at Harwell but for humanity and believes it is a privilege to be in an environment with that capability.

When not uncovering little known facts about Harwell’s history Duncan is a keen but not particularly fast runner. A regular at his local Parkrun, Duncan has also completed a number of half marathons and aspires to run a full marathon before wearing out his knees. His other great passion is his 1960’s MG roadster which can often be spotted across the campus on sunny days.