Who ate all the Pi?

14th March 2024, 3:14 – 4:14 pm

It’s Pi Day which makes it the perfect time to celebrate all things maths.

Join us in Launchpad, Quad Two at 3:14 on 14th March to learn from enthusiastic expert mathematician, Dr Tom Crawford.

Pi is traditionally defined using circles, but there is so much more that you can do with the world’s most famous irrational number.

In this talk, Dr Tom Crawford will explore some of his favourite alternative definitions of the number, and even help you to come up with your own.

Dr Tom Crawford is a mathematician at the University of Oxford with a mission to share his love of maths with the world through his award-winning website Whether he’s performing live with Maths Inspiration, telling you about his favourite equations on Numberphile, or getting another maths tattoo (14 and counting), it’s safe to say Tom is always finding new ways to misbehave with numbers.

If you are not on the app and would like to attend this talk please email the team.