The Space Sector: its influence on STEM education, skills and other sectors

1st December 2022, 8:00 – 8:45 am

Learning about space is often a ‘way in’ for young people to engage in STEM – benefitting not just the space sector but all STEM industries

Often, a young person’s fascination with all things STEM is sparked by an initial interest in space. By using space as a context to make the teaching and learning of STEM subjects more attractive and accessible, pupils can feel more comfortable and familiar with STEM and the exciting opportunities and careers available – not just in the space sector but across the wider STEM landscape as well

Come and join us for breakfast and a discussion exploring:

  • How the space sector engages and inspires young people about the possibilities of STEM
  • The ever growing UK Space sector and the many career opportunities available both within it – space exploration, satellite technology, etc. and beyond with space technology informing processes and innovations across other STEM sectors
  • The importance of ensuring diversity and inclusion within the sector – a challenge facing all sectors
  • How STEM Learning supports the space sector through its programmes and activities

We are delighted to have the following panellists leading the session:

  • Dr Joanna Hart – Skills Factory Director, STFC
  • Joanne Wheeler MBE – Director, Alden Legal
  • Dr Alex Brown – Enrichment Programme Manager, STEM Learning
  • A representative from the UK Space Agency

Breakfast refreshments will be available

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