How to Build Inclusive Cultures and a Sense of Belonging

16th November 2023, 4:30 – 5:30 pm

A fireside chat with Chris Paouros

Join us for an inspiring fireside chat with Chris Paouros, a true trailblazer in the realm of diversity and inclusion. In this discussion, Chris will share her remarkable experiences collaborating with the FA and Football Supporter’s Association to foster inclusive environments. We’ll delve into a fascinating real-life case study from the world of English football, where Chris will dissect both the successes and challenges faced by this iconic sport on its journey towards inclusivity, offering invaluable insights that can be applied across any industry.

Chris will delve into the paramount significance of cultivating inclusive cultures, emphasizing that it’s not merely a trendy catchphrase, but a fundamental pillar of a thriving and equitable society.

The role of leadership in the inclusivity journey cannot be overstated. Chris will illuminate why securing the support of organisational leaders is pivotal and how their endorsement can instigate lasting change. She will scrutinise the key drivers that make this transformation possible – the essential ingredients – and warn against potential pitfalls. Unlocking these essential ingredients is crucial for the successful cultivation of inclusive cultures and the creation of a profound sense of belonging.

Chris will generously share her insights on how organisations can transcend mere diversity and genuinely construct environments where every individual feels a profound sense of belonging, thus fostering unity and purpose.

Meet Chris Paouros:

A consultant, advisor, Charity Trustee, and Non-Exec Director, Chris has worked with organisations spanning the private, public, and third sectors, helping them navigate transformation and growth.

Venue: TBC, Harwell Campus