Airbus Pitch Event

12th October 2023, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Are you a startup or an SME based on the Harwell campus working on In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing solutions or looking at applications from satellite imagery? If so, submit an application for the opportunity to give a 5-10 minute pitch to Airbus Defence and Space; fellow Harwell Campus resident to win a study or imagery package! Plus the opportunity to receive mentorship and benefit from our test facilitiesDon’t worry if your work doesn’t fit under the pitch topics, you can still submit an application to book a slot with a member of the Airbus Defence and Space team.

Topic 1: Development of innovative technologies that enable the robotic assembly of massive structures in space. Imagine a future where we can construct large infrastructures in space using robotic technologies, from habitats, space-based solar power stations, and even interplanetary spacecraft. To realise this vision, we need to embark on a new and thrilling challenge – the development of innovative technologies that enable the robotic assembly of massive structures in space. This challenge calls for technologies that can support any aspect of the design or implementation of these structures, including suitable construction methods, robotic control and monitoring tools, and many more.

Pitch your ideas to get a chance of studying with Airbus Defence and Space to further mature this concept as a building block to this new and exciting endeavour.

Topic 2: Creating innovative UK based applications for Vision-1 high resolution satellite imagery. Airbus Defence and Space are challenging businesses to create innovative new UK based applications for Vision-1 high resolution satellite imagery. Launched on 16th September 2018, the Vision-1 satellite delivers orthorectified image products with a nadir resolution of 87cm in the panchromatic band and 3.48m in the multispectral bands (NIR, RGB), with a 20.8km swath width. These specifications support a range of applications including: urban planning, environmental monitoring, agriculture, and defence and security. Airbus are reaching out to industry to develop new innovative applications using Vision-1 imagery that deliver value to you and your customers.

Pitch your ideas with the chance of being rewarded with an allocation of recent archive Vision-1 imagery over the UK to support the development and launch of your application into the marketplace.

This will be an in person event taking taking place at the Pickavance Lecture TheatreRutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus on Thursday 12th of October 2023.

If you have any questions or can’t make the date, please contact or from the Airbus Innovations team.