Case Studies

'It’s often the intersection, the collision of different people with different takes on problems that creates wholly new ways of looking at things and solving problems'

Professor Andrew Harrison, CEO, Diamond Light Source

Credit: ESA

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Research at Harwell

Harwell is one of the most advanced and active innovation communities on the planet. The collaborative culture, world-class science facilities and industrial R&D combine to create world changing innovations every day.

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Come to Harwell

Whether you are looking to relocate to a bespoke development at Harwell, establish a small team of staff on site or simply visit the campus, please contact the Harwell Campus team to discuss the opportunities available.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to grow Harwell into one of the world’s largest and most important Science & Innovation Campuses, with even stronger links to many leading academic Universities within a broad R&D based community.

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